UAW — Chrysler Skilled Trades Rationalization

You have been asked to participate in the UAW-Chrysler Skilled Trades Rationalization. In this project, Chrysler trades people will be classified as either a Mechanical Technician or an Electrical Technician. We are doing this to make sure we remain flexible in production and competitive as a company. Most importantly, we have to do this as part of our agreement with the Federal government.

As part of this project, you will be taking a series of online assessments. After you finish this assessment, you may be required to complete additional training. We hope you consider this experience as an opportunity for additional learning. Together, we will work to make Chrysler the best automotive company in the industry.

Please note that your username is your T-ID and your password is your C-ID. If you have any questions, please ask your training coordinator for assistance.

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