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Intro to Abrasives 100
This class defines abrasive processes and explains the major groups of abrasive tools.
None 19 Beginner Abrasives
What Is Grinding? 110
This class describes the grinding action, explains how chips are formed, and covers wheel maintenance and safety.
None 15 Beginner Abrasives
Grinding Processes 120
This class identifies the major types of grinding operations and explains how they are performed on the machine. Includes an Interactive Lab.
None 13 Beginner Abrasives
Grinding Variables 200
This class identifies the most common variables that occur during grinding, with an emphasis on speeds and feeds. Includes an Interactive Lab.
13 Intermediate Abrasives
Grinding Wheel Materials 210
This class describes common abrasive and bond materials for grinding wheels, as well as their applications.
19 Intermediate Abrasives
Grinding Wheel Geometry 220
This class describes the major types of grinding wheels listed in the ANSI standard and explains the relationship between wheel geometry and workpiece shape.
19 Intermediate Abrasives
Dressing and Truing 230
This class describes the common methods used to balance, true, and dress a standard grinding wheel.
16 Intermediate Abrasives
Surface Grinder Operation 240
This class discusses the steps involved in grinding horizontal and vertical surfaces with a horizontal-spindle, reciprocating-table grinding machine.
17 Intermediate Abrasives
Cylindrical Grinder Operation 250
This class identifies the main components of common cylindrical grinders and describes the various types of operations that can be performed.
15 Intermediate Abrasives
Centerless Grinder Operation 260
This class addresses how to perform common grinding operations on the centerless grinder, as well as methods for mounting and truing the grinding and regulating wheels.
None 19 Intermediate Abrasives
Setup for Centerless Grinders 320
This class explains how to set up the main components of a centerless grinder, as well as how to accurately position the workpiece on the work rest blade for various centerless grinding operations.
None 19 Advanced Abrasives
Intro to Additive Manufacturing 110
This class introduces the basic concepts of additive manufacturing (AM), and discusses the history and development of AM, as well as the future. In addition, the basic process of AM is outlined and the technologies and classfications of AM are explored.
None 15 Beginner Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing Safety 120
Additive Manufacturing Safety describes how users can protect themselves against common mechanical, electrical, thermal, and airborne hazards associated with AM processes. This class also provides an overview of personal protective equipment (PPE), lockout/tagout procedures, Hazard Communication Standards (HCS), and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
None 11 Beginner Additive Manufacturing
The Basic Additive Manufacturing Process 130
This class provides an overview of the build process used in additive manufacturing. Upon completing "The Basic AM Process," users should know the eight basic steps involved in creating an AM product.
12 Beginner Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing Methods and Materials 140
Additive Manufacturing Methods and Materials provides users with an overview of the different processes used in additive manufacturing. This class also details the materials used in each process and any additional considerations specific to those materials.
None 13 Beginner Additive Manufacturing
Intro to Adhesive Bonding 110
This class describes adhesive bonding, adhesive classification, and the various factors that lead to a successful adhesive bond.
None 16 Beginner Adhesives
Basics of the Bonding Process 120
This class describes the basics of the adhesive bonding process, as well as the various solidification methods of adhesives.
None 14 Beginner Adhesives
Intro to Adhesive Properties 130
This class describes the mechanical and nonmechanical properties of adhesives and addresses how they impact adhesive bonding.
None 20 Beginner Adhesives
Types of Adhesives 140
This class describes the characteristics, pros and cons, and applications of types of synthetic adhesives.
None 20 Beginner Adhesives
Surface Preparation 210
This class discusses surface factors that affect adhesion, the nature of the different types of surfaces used in adhesive bonding, and the methods of selecting and preparing a surface for adhesive bonding.
None 18 Intermediate Adhesives