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Additive Manufacturing

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing 111 
Additive Manufacturing Safety 121 
The Basic Additive Manufacturing Process 131 
Additive Manufacturing Methods and Materials 141 
Design for Additive Manufacturing 201 
Additive Manufacturing Materials Science 211 
Integrating Additive Manufacturing with Traditional Manufacturing 221 
Additive Manufacturing as a Secondary Process 231 
Overview of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Technologies 


Intro to Composites 110 
Safety for Composite Processing 115 
Overview of Composite Processes 120 
Traditional Composites 125 
Advanced Thermoset Resins for Composites 130 
Advanced Materials for Composites 135 
Intro to Lay-up and Spray-up Molding 140 
Intro to Compression Molding 170 
Surface Finishing Composites 190 
Vacuum Bagging Technique: Single-sided Bagging 230 
Composite Inspection and Defect Prevention 240 
Repair Methods for Composites 250 
Introduction to Composites 
Joining and Bonding Composite Structures 
Repair of Advanced Composite Structures 
Tooling for Composites 


Quality Overview 100 
Lean Manufacturing Overview 101 
ISO 9000 Review 121 
ISO 9001:2015 Review 122 
Continuous Process Improvement: Managing Flow 124 
Continuous Process Improvement: Identifying and Eliminating Waste 125 
Approaches to Maintenance 131 
Process Design and Development 133 
Product Design and Development 134 
Developing a Lean Culture 135 
Production System Design and Development 136 
Equipment/Tool Design and Development 137 
Intro to Supply Chain Management 140 
Total Productive Maintenance 141 
5S Overview 151 
Cell Design and Pull Systems 161 
Intro to Six Sigma 171 
Quality and Customer Service 175 
Troubleshooting 181 
Conducting Kaizen Events 191 
Conducting an Internal Audit 201 
SPC Overview 211 
TS 16949:2009 Overview 221 
IATF 16949:2016 Overview 222 
Metrics for Lean 231 
Process Flow Charting 241 
Strategies for Setup Reduction 251 
Total Quality Management Overview 261 
Management Tools: Problem Solving 270 
Management Tools: Product and Process Design 275 
Value Stream Mapping: The Current State 301 
Six Sigma Goals and Tools 310 
Value Stream Mapping: The Future State 311 
Maintaining a Consistent Lean Culture 330 
Transforming Lean into Business Results 340 
Measuring Lean Systems 350 
Integrating Green Manufacturing and Lean 
Lean Fundamentals: Firm Grasp on Waste and Getting 5S Right 
Role of TPM in the Lean Enterprise 
Planning and Executing Kaizen 
Documenting and Developing Process Flow 
Design of Experiments 
Understanding the Tools and Best Practices of Lean Manufacturing 
The Human Side of Lean 
Kanban: Inventory and Demand Management 
Planning Manufacturing Cells 
Kaizen Workshop 
SMED: Setup / Changeover Reduction 
Value Stream Mapping: Diagram the Information and Material Flows in Your Business 
Six Sigma Green Belt 
Six Sigma Yellow Belt 
Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) 
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Fundamentals 
Statistical Process Control (SPC) Fundamentals 
Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VA/VE) 


Robot Components 120 
End Effectors 125 
Applications for Robots 130 
Automated Systems and Control 135 
Robot Axes 140 
Robot Sensors 150 
Robot Maintenance 170 
Introduction to Robotics 201 
Robot Safety 211 
Robotic Drives, Hardware, and Components 220 
Robot Installations 230 
Robotic Control Systems 240 
Vision Systems 250 
Industrial Network Integration 260 
Robot Troubleshooting 331 
Concepts of Robot Programming 341 

Supervisor Essentials

Essentials of Leadership 110 
Essentials of Communication 120 
Managing Performance: Best Practices 130 
Managing Performance: Corrective Actions 135 
Basics of Manufacturing Costs 140 
Intro to Managerial Accounting 145 
Conflict Resolution Principles 150 
Conflict Resolution for Different Groups 155 
Team Leadership 160 
Manufacturing Management 180 
Personal Effectiveness 190 
Managing the Diverse Workplace 210 
Harassment and Discrimination 215 
Performance Management and the Law 230 
Build Your Team: Get Results 
Know Your Cost: Double Your Profit 
Pricing for Profitability 
Advanced Project Management 
Train-the-Trainer: Accelerating Worker Performance 
Cycle Time Management for Manufacturers 
Global Supply Chain Management 
How to Coach Your People to Think Independently 
Industrial Engineering Fundamentals 
Manufacturing Technology Fundamentals 
Strategic Project Management 
Project Risk Management 
Walking the Talk: Pathways to Leadership 


All classes available in Spanish except CLASS 2.0 courses
All classes ONLINE except where noted