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Department Name: Soldering Department
Number of Classes: 7
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Soldering TrainingSoldering is a joining method used for a wide range of parts, including delicate electronic components. Solder is a metal alloy designed to melt at very low temperatures, and various methods of soldering can be used to join parts together. Although most soldering done today is automated, manual soldering is an important skill for assembly technicians, especially for repair and rework.

These classes address the knowledge and techniques required to produce high-quality manually soldered joints. They also provide an overview of the basic manual soldering equipment and the proper safety precautions for soldering. Intermediate-level classes focus on differences in soldering alloys, including lead-free solders, and also on the proper soldering technique for joining PCB components.

Department Classes

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660110 What Is Soldering? 110
This class provides an overview of the basic tools and components used for soldering, briefly explores the importance of soldering to the electronics industry, and covers basic procedures for soldering preparation, safety, and cleanup.
13Beginner Class Version Soldering Department
660115 Safety for Soldering 115
This class describes common safety hazards and precautions for soldering applications. Includes an Interactive Lab.
12Beginner Class Version Soldering Department
660130 Soldering Equipment 130
This class provides an introduction to basic soldering equipment selection, including safety equipment.
15Beginner Class Version Soldering Department
660200 Soldering Applications 200
This class describes essential skills for proper hand soldering and also explains how to inspect a finished joint and rework or repair a bad joint. Includes an Interactive Lab.
19Intermediate Class Version Soldering Department
660210 Solder and Flux Selection 210
This class describes various types of solder and flux and discusses how to select them for particular applications.
14Intermediate Class Version Soldering Department
660220 Soldering PCBs 220
This class covers how to create and repair printed circuit assemblies by soldering and desoldering various types of electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
18Intermediate Class Version Soldering Department
660230 Lead-Free Soldering 230
This class covers the specific characteristics, flux requirements, and thermal profile of lead-free solders, as well as the proper techniques to apply when using these new solder materials. Includes an Interactive Lab.
13Intermediate Class Version Soldering Department