Tooling U-SME’s Machining Career Pathways Assessments are stackable, competency-based modules that lead to an industry-recognized customized credential. The assessments give students a solid foundation of core machining knowledge, providing a pathway to ongoing workforce education in CNC Machining. The content is aligned to Tooling U-SME’s CNC Machining apprenticeship program and prepares individuals with an opportunity to earn other industry credentials, plus add hands-on skills for potential NIMS credentials, Department of Labor-approved apprenticeships and other workforce opportunities.

Upon completion, participants earn a digital badge to represent their achievement, complete with metadata to provide authentication.

Stackable Modules for a Customized Credential

Start with the four CORE MODULES then choose your area for specialization with at least one FOCUS MODULE. Students will earn a micro-credential for each competency-based module passed and then earn the final Machining Career Pathways Badge upon completion.

Career Pathway for Industry-Recognized Credentials

Badges provide high-school, community and technical college students, and workforce employees with an opportunity to add hands-on skills for potential NIMS credentials, DOL-approved apprenticeships, or workforce opportunities.

Industry-driven and industry-validated

The exam, skills guide, and Tooling U-SME-aligned online classes are developed with significant input from industry leaders, ensuring the content is the most relevant to skills needed by industry employers today. Manufacturing companies are already using our assessments to evaluate more than 100,000 employees in the workforce.


Flexible and easily integrated into your curriculum

Instructors use their own curriculum, so there's no need to change the existing learning plan. We provide recommended Tooling U-SME classes that align to the Body of Knowledge for these assessments. Instructors determine which students are best-suited to take the assessments, depending on the student’s career path. Also, schools can use their own equipment without the requirement of facility accreditation.



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