Industry Snapshot: Machining & Tooling

Modern machining and tool design is a true science. And like any science, a thorough understanding of cutting depends on theory.

The problem for many companies that machine parts is that they are relying on trial and error, following suboptimal approaches instead of applying that theory. Even worse, as knowledgeable people retire, the risk increases of having all that knowledge walk out the door.

Tooling U-SME is proud to work with multiple companies that specialize as machine tool and cutting tool manufacturers. If your company is in this industry, we want to share with you some of our successes and demonstrate how we can support job training in your company.

Our Top Machining & Tooling Customers

   Allied Machine
   Circle Machine


Customer Spotlight

The Company

A global manufacturer of cutting tools and deburring/surface finishing solutions for the manufacturing and mining/construction industries.

The Challenge

  • A wave of retirements of knowledgeable sales technicians and engineers meant that the company was at the risk of losing the informal and "tribal" knowledge of its people.
  • None of this information was documented, and the company needed a means for collecting and disseminating this information throughout its organization.
  • An approach to training based almost solely on face-to-face classroom instruction was considered too costly.

The Solution

  • Custom online training content developed in partnership between the company's subject experts and Tooling U-SME's content development staff.
  • Subscriptions to the custom-developed online content.
  • A company-backed certificate program built around cutting tool theory.

The Result

  • 700 individuals completed the program.
  • The flexibility of allowing online or face-to-face instruction for the certificate program helped reduce costs.
  • The successful program launch led to a similar parallel program following ISO cutting tool standards, along with additional content translated into German.