Industry Snapshot: Oil, Gas, & Energy

The energy industry demands knowledge and skills from its people. This is not simple manufacturing. It’s the production of large, massive structures for extracting oil and gas. Or for wind, it is the creation and repair of composite blades and other complex components.

These structures can't be made by entry-level people with no knowledge and background. Given the pipeline of candidates into the job market, there's not a shortage of people—there's a shortage of knowledge and skills. The remedy is effective training.

Tooling U-SME is proud to work with multiple companies that specialize in manufacturing for the energy industry. If your company is in this industry, we want to share with you some of our successes and demonstrate how we can support job training in your company.

Our Top Oil, Gas, & Energy Customers

   Dixie Iron Works, Ltd.

   GE - Energy
   National Oilwell Varco
   Norris Sucker Rods

   Schilling Robotics LLC
   Siemens - Energy
   Smith International

   Solar Turbines
   TD Williamson

Customer Spotlight

The Company

A U.S. based Fortune 500 company that provides mechanical components for land and offshore drilling rigs.

The Challenge

  • Hiring at one plant revealed difficulty in finding individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills. People with up to 8 years of experience demonstrated knowledge and skills that still fell well short of company standards and expectations.
  • The company needed to implement remedial training to establish a baseline of knowledge and skills for new hires.
  • The company's own training department was geared toward individuals at upper levels, and there was no immediate answer for entry-level technical training.

The Solution

  • An annual license at one facility, targeting approx. 400 users.
  • A relatively standard curriculum of 50 class titles targeting core, essential manufacturing fundamentals.
  • Integration of Tooling U-SME content into a third-party LMS for delivery of training.

The Result

  • User feedback was very positive, as well as feedback from individuals running the various training facilities.
  • The company shifted the emphasis toward on-boarding processes, but broadened the program. The company now targets roughly 500 new employees each year.