Industry Snapshot: Electronics

With electronic components, consistency is key. Delicate components and electrical connections mean that there must be very little variation in processes. And as we all know, people tend to bring variation to the table.

This is why training is critical for today's electronics manufacturers. People require the right knowledge to ensure you consistently produce quality products. Effective training is the answer.

Tooling U-SME is proud to work with multiple companies in the electronics industry. If your company serves this industry, we want to share with you some of our successes and demonstrate how we can support job training in your company.

Our Top Electronics Customers

   Bose Corp.


Customer Spotlight

The Company

A global manufacturer of electronic connectors for the automotive, communication, medical, and consumer markets.

The Challenge

  • Expansion and growth necessitated opening new manufacturing plants outside the U.S.
  • There was a sudden need to train hundreds of workers.
  • There was no established training curriculum for these new roles.

The Solution

  • A comprehensive training curriculum of online class titles to address the geographic challenge of training.
  • Use of the Tooling U-SME LMS to deploy training, manage activity and provide reporting of results.

The Result

  • Highly successful implementation of simultaneous training in three different countries.
  • The customer expressed satisfaction regarding leveraging the LMS for centrally controlling and monitoring the training to ensure program integrity.