The Best Experts. A Flexible Training Solution.

You need a knowledgeable manufacturing workforce that is equipped with relevant, job-focused content. Tooling U-SME has decades of experience developing technical content and providing expert-led instruction in a variety of key manufacturing areas.

Tooling U-SME provides engaging, interactive, hands-on training programs:

Our instructors come to you.
The most preferred method.

Web-based, online application.

On-Demand Library
Pre-recorded sessions, accessible 24/7

Whether with customized or off-the-shelf training programs, Tooling U-SME's instructors take complex concepts and make them easy to grasp. We will work with you to create the right program that meets your company's specific objectives and goals.


  • Learners interact directly with an industry expert
  • Learners interact with peers and address topics together
  • Instructors adapt to the learners' level of understanding
  • Instructors take complex ideas and make them easy to understand
  • Instructors can give a comprehensive approach to the subject matter
  • Instructor-led training (ILT) is an effective follow-up or precursor to other training
  • ILT allows for lab exercise to reinforce class content

Instructor Led Training