You understand that your workforce is the key to achieving the company’s financial goals. What’s missing is a clear, unbiased understanding of the current competency level of your workforce. Equally important, you need to gauge the status of your infrastructure and systems to support a comprehensive training program.


Working on-site at your facility, Tooling U-SME Learning Services professionals bring manufacturing experience and organizational development expertise to creating a high-level assessment. This low-investment program provides the knowledge to make a strategic decision that will positively impact the bottom line.

  • Business goal linkage - Does the purpose of the training program align to measurable and attainable goals?
  • Leadership commitment - Does the Plant leadership and supervisory team understand the benefits of training? Are they ready to invest in it by scheduling time to train?
  • Training needs analysis – What are the true needs of the workforce based on a high level job, task, audience and criticality analysis?
  • Learning environment - What is the organization’s current learning culture and are critical success elements in place?
  • Non-training findings – Are there non-training barriers that will prevent workers from achieving top performance?

Read how Kamatics Corp., a Connecticut-based producer of specialty bearings and engineered products, benefited from a Workforce Performance Assessment.