Tooling U-SME’s Accelerated Advanced Manufacturing Program allows you to educate students and workforce trainees in the basic, foundational skills for advanced manufacturing and enables them to choose a specialized career pathway. We partner with the American Job Center Network and workforce development agencies nationwide to deliver online curriculum in the advanced manufacturing sector that:

  • Builds a pipeline of skilled workers
  • Supports pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs
  • Aligns with nationally recognized certifications
  • Upskills incumbent and dislocated workers
  • Educates and energizes at-risk youth
  • Advances and supports our veterans

Tooling U-SME’s programs have consistently delivered an average of a 20% increase in knowledge gained utilizing the pre- and post-assessment tools. Our curriculum and assessments will assist you in determining if an individual is ready for employment or continued education. The Accelerated Advanced Manufacturing Program serves:

  • Dislocated workers
  • Incumbent workforce
  • Veterans
  • At-risk youth