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White paper demonstrates value of millennials in closing the skills gap

(CLEVELAND, June 18, 2015) — With 75 million millennials (those between the ages of 18 and 34) potentially looking for rewarding careers, it is essential that manufacturers not only understand this generation, but take the appropriate measures to attract and retain. Tooling U-SME, an industry leader in manufacturing training and development, has released a white paper, "Embracing Millennials: Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap and Gaining a Competitive Advantage." The data within this report provides insights on how manufacturers can best appeal to these workers, as well as provides recommendations on workforce development for millennials.

Download the white paper here:

"Attracting and retaining millennials requires a different strategy from employers to maximize potential," said Jeannine Kunz, director of Tooling U-SME. "Companies who embrace the millennials' unique differences are the ones that will break new ground in the workplace and marketplace."

Tooling U-SME surveyed manufacturing companies to evaluate their perception of millennials, as well as how they're currently working with this employee demographic. As a leader in providing training to manufacturers, Tooling U-SME also has several recommendations for working with millennials.

Key findings:

  • Nearly half (46 percent) of the companies surveyed noted that their approach to recruiting millennials differs from previous generations.
  • Most companies surveyed (70 percent) said millennials require a different style of management.

"Manufacturers need to plan for tomorrow by investing in a strong workforce today," Kunz added. "Based on our wealth of workforce development programs and experience, Tooling U-SME is well-versed in best practices to help move companies in the right direction and cultivate our future leaders."

Tooling U-SME emphasizes several training best practices, which are further defined and explained in the white paper. These include a strong onboarding process, formal training program, continual education and train the trainer initiatives.

Additionally, Tooling U-SME offers the following tips for working with millennials:

  1. Don't generalize.
  2. Communicate your corporate mission.
  3. Show them their future.
  4. Provide continual learning opportunities.
  5. Go digital.
  6. Allow them to share their ideas.
  7. Provide regular and immediate feedback.

Learn more about the research and recommendations for manufacturers and the millennial workforce by downloading the white paper or view an infographic for a snapshot of Tooling U-SME’s findings. An on-demand webinar on the white paper, hosted by John Hindman, manager of Learning Services, Tooling U-SME, will be available on June 20 at

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