Press Release

CLEVELAND, Ohio, January 27, 2014 —Developed in collaboration with Siemens Industry, Tooling U-SME is proud to announce the availability of seven new online classes available through platform, focused on Siemens PLC products. More classes are in development and will be released at later dates.

The first release of Siemens-specific PLC classes includes the following 7 titles:

These classes were developed in response to the demand from many companies interested in accelerating learning and testing knowledge around Siemens-specific PLCs. The classes were developed primarily for technicians who operate and maintain equipment run with Siemens PLCs. These courses are very relevant today because every industry, from automotive and pharmaceutical companies to consumer goods packaging organizations, uses Siemens PLCs.

These classes were produced in partnership with Siemens Industry in Norcross, GA. Siemens provided subject matter experts and many multimedia resources that are embedded in the online classes to reinforce key concepts and learning. These classes, when combined with other Tooling U-SME courseware and hands-on instruction, will help prepare individuals for the Siemens Mechatronics Certification exam.

Watch for future announcements about availability of additional Siemens courses in 2014.

About Tooling U-SME:
Tooling U-SME delivers versatile learning and development solutions to the manufacturing community. More than 210,000 individuals and 5,000 companies and educational institutions use our online learning and assessment programs and other training options to address workforce needs. Tooling U-SME is a division of SME, a 501(c)3 organization that has been gathering, validating and sharing manufacturing knowledge for more than 80 years.

Following the adoption of Tooling U online courses, students average a 16-18-percent knowledge gain in final testing. TU-SME's efforts to support the manufacturing community will continue as industry partners with schools to produce a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

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