Press Release

tuX 2013 is complete.This year, we were joined in Chicago by more than 80 participants who witnessed engaging presentations from a variety of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Examples of some companies that presented were Volvo Trucks, SGS Tool Company, Harley-Davidson, Chrysler LLC, Danfoss, Asahi Kasei Plastics, and Toshiba. Two nights of networking events allowed attendees to share their experiences with their peers about the issues they face with learning and education programs at their respective companies.

We heard from futurist and renowned speaker, Elliott Masie, head of The MASIE Center, who noted that because of changes outside of our work lives and our ability to access information at our fingertips, we live in a world that demands personalization and that includes in how we learn. He also highlighted the importance of learning being engaging, empowering, and easy.

Dave Vance, the founder of Caterpillar University, also addressed the group. Vance focused on engaging upper management and making the business case for learning by strategically aligning your plan to those in your executive leadership. By making a tie between the ROI of your learning program and the success measures of the business, getting buy-in will be much easier.

Thank you to our customers and prospects who joined us in Chicago. Look for an announcement to come soon with dates and location for next year's event!