Tooling U-SME's seasoned manufacturing organizational development and instructional design experts partner with your subject matter experts to design and implement learning and development programs that return a positive impact on the business. Our capabilities include:


job definition

Identify the job roles in your organization, understand crossover between roles, and create career pathways.

Working with your high-performing subject matter experts, we analyze each job role and identify the knowledge and skills (competencies) needed for success. We create a job profile that summarizes the accountabilities and qualifications needed for the job role at a determined performance level. Profiles can be compared, allowing programs to be created for cross-training or career development opportunities.


standardized training

Transfer organizational knowledge and skills from your most experienced workers and structure on-the-floor learning through a sustainable and measurable program.

A Standardized On-the-Job Training (SOJT) program teaches the worker their role-specific and task-driven standard work. SOJT should consist of sequenced hands-on learning activities that will prepare workers for success during their end-of-training evaluation. Our team can partner with your technical subject matter experts to extract and institutionalize the "whys" behind the steps, and develop standardized OJT documentation and tools to ensure consistent delivery of training among different trainers and mentors. 




Measure the knowledge and skills of individual workers and better understand the capabilities of your workforce. 

We build custom assessments to measure capability of workers in current or desired roles or competencies. Our assessment 
development team partners with your technical subject matter experts to design a blueprint that outlines the objectives that most need measurement. Assessment items are custom-written and piloted to verify that a reliable and dependable assessment has been developed to meet your specific needs. 



workforce analysis

Design and implement a learning and development program or build upon your existing program. 

We analyze your current capability for a learning and development program or benchmark your current program against best practices. Through this analysis, we identify risks, gaps and recommendations for short-term and long-term goals. We provide all levels of consultation to assist in any phase of your program, from development to implementation. 

turnkey training