Technology, People and Pizza

Posted By: Jeannine Kunz, Vice President, Tooling U-SME on April 03, 2019

Technology, People and Pizza

Calling all pizza fans. Have you heard about Domino’s Pizza’s Points for Pies promo? Here’s how it works: Through Domino’s app, using artificial intelligence (AI), you take a photo of any pizza you are eating whether it’s from Domino’s or a competitor (a dog’s squeaky pizza toy even works). You earn points for each pizza scanned and, ultimately, that leads to free pizza.

Today, technology is as ubiquitous as pepperoni, and it’s rapidly changing our daily lives in large and small ways. And, nowhere is the impact of technology more significant than in manufacturing.

Of course, we already know AI is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are using AI applications to improve productivity, quality, safety and more. We are seeing it used for everything from predictive maintenance to product design.

Yes, today we see manufacturers of all sizes, across all industries, challenged by how to implement advanced technology like automation, robotics, additive, AI and other smart technologies. It’s a big cultural shift.

People are a critical piece of the pie. According to SME’s Manufacturing in the New Industry 4.0 Era Survey, the top challenge for manufacturers implementing Smart Manufacturing solutions is finding skilled people.

A talent strategy that includes training on the integration and use of technology is essential. This starts with identifying job roles, competencies, and clear career pathways. Showcasing your advanced manufacturing capabilities — and career opportunities that go along with them — can have a positive impact on recruiting and retention.

The opportunity to work with advanced technology can provide a great lure for younger workers who may not have considered manufacturing before. It also provides an opportunity for incumbent workers to increase their skills and take on more responsibility.

We know it’s not easy, but implementing a strategy to maximize technologies and people sets organizations apart from their competition.

It’s worth the investment, and our experts are here to help. We’ll even bring the pizza.

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