SME Leaders among Crain’s Notable Women in Manufacturing

Posted By: Jeff Krause, Chief Executive Officer, SME on February 13, 2018

At the end of 2017, manufacturing employed more than 12.5 million Americans. Notably, women made up nearly 3.5 million of that sum. As the industry continues to advance, so does its workforce. Such a diverse workforce is essential for cultivating new ideas, technology and opportunities that will help to sustain manufacturing’s success.

SME Leaders among Crain's Notable Women in Manufacturing

Last year alone saw the highest growth of women in manufacturing since 1997. To increase and preserve this growth we must continue to provide influential role models that will inspire the next generation. This year, Crain’s Detroit Business set out to recognize such leaders in its February edition, which features 36 of Michigan’s most influential women in manufacturing.

SME is extremely proud that three of our leaders are honorees in Crain’s Detroit’s 2018 Notable Women in Manufacturing. Among the list is our 2017 President Sandra Bouckley, Vice President of SME’s Events & Industry Strategy Debbie Holton and Vice President of Tooling U-SME Jeannine Kunz.

Each were selected for their leadership not only within the industry, but also their workplace and community. The contributions they are making to bring technology advancements and learning and development initiatives to the forefront are an important part of advancing manufacturing and its workforce.

The Crain’s list of Notable Women in Manufacturing is the publication’s first recognition dedicated to women in the manufacturing industry. Honorees were nominated by their peers and chosen for making a difference in manufacturing in Michigan. The women were selected based on their career achievements as well as their activities outside of work, e.g., mentoring others within the field and contributing to their communities.

To see the full list of Crain’s Notable Women in Manufacturing, click here.

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