Lincoln Electric and Tooling U-SME: Strengthening the Welding Workforce Together

Posted By: Chad Schron, Senior Director, Tooling U-SME on June 11, 2019

Lincoln Electric and Tooling U-SME: Strengthening the Welding Workforce

According to the American Welding Society (AWS), the welding industry will face a shortage of 450,000 operators by 2020, and that figure could increase if the industries impacted by this sector don’t act now and address the lack of skilled professionals in this field. Luckily, manufacturing stakeholders across the country have been working together to help stop this occurrence. We hear more and more about industry collaborating with academia, government, and associations to train the workforce properly.

We’re particularly excited about the recent announcement involving Tooling U-SME’s latest partnership with Lincoln Electric – one that will provide an extensive and more user-friendly curriculum to welding instructors, educational institutions, and companies. This new partnership builds on more than a decade of collaborating that began with online welding training classes and has now expanded to include a comprehensive set of tools, including lab activities, demo videos, assessments, instructor guides, PowerPoint presentations, and reference documents.

Existing and new U/LINC subscribers can effortlessly search, download and print out lesson plans, class assignments, presentations, group-based activities, and more with in-depth directions, tips, and teaching strategies in addition to the more than 30 online welding classes available. U/LINC's curriculum materials will also integrate with academia's and the industry's most popular learning management systems.

Just like other partnerships, our latest collaboration with Lincoln Electric is crucial; not only are we able to reach a critical mass of instructors and training authorities, we can directly develop today’s and tomorrow’s welding workforce and ensure these individuals learn from curriculum aligned with current industry standards.

We can put a dent in the skills gap by bringing the most relevant and forward-thinking content, such as U/LINC, to more people in the market. This newest cooperation isn’t the end though; as long as there is a need to provide workforce training, we will continue to identify, partner, and implement learning and development solutions that will improve the capabilities of talent to meet the demands of manufacturing in the 21st century.

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