Know the Difference between a Grill and a Smoker?

Posted By: David Mack on March 09, 2017

As a sales professional, you know the difference in selling value versus price, but do you have the fundamental technical knowledge to be able to sell on value? Fundamental technical knowledge is the key to understanding your customers’ greatest challenges and how your product can improve their operations. Fundamental technical knowledge is what will make you your customers’ trusted advisor and transform your sales process from a transaction to a relationship.

To be able to sell successfully to your customer, you need to think like your customer. That means understanding the tools, machinery and equipment your customer uses. Does your customer perform more high-volume projects or short runs? It makes a difference when you’re selling a new metal-cutting machine.

It’s around that time of the year when we’re counting down the days until grilling season. Imagine two people selling you the same grill, and they’re trying to beat each other on price. One comes down $200, and the other throws in a lifetime supply of propane. Now imagine a third sales person comes along and asks, “Do you grill ribs or steak?” You say you grill ribs. The sales person says, “Then you don’t actually want a grill, you want a smoker.” He explains how ribs need to be cooked low and slow, and a smoker is the way to go. You’re sold. You walk out of the store with your new smoker at twice the price of the grill, while the grill sales folks are placing 50% Off signs on their grills—all because someone asked the right question.

With classes like Introduction to Welding, Mechanics of CNC, Basics of the Manual Mill, Approaches to Maintenance, and almost 500 others, you can learn the basics of the manufacturing industry and increase your confidence and ability to relate to your customer. Fundamental technical training will help you make a better first impression, ask deeper discovery questions, recognize opportunities, deliver high-value business solutions, and become the trusted advisor your customer relies on.

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