Upskilling on Steroids

Posted By: John Hindman, Director of Learning Services, Tooling U-SME on October 27, 2016

I’m out in the field…a lot. Here’s what I see: manufacturers are starting to grasp the repercussions of the skills gap due to retirements and a thin pipeline if they don’t take action.

While more than half of manufacturers say they do not have a plan for filling this shortage by 2021, the good news is that the other half are taking steps.

Now that some manufacturers have seen the light, their immediate focus? Accelerating training.

Companies tell us they are looking to quick-start skills training in common manufacturing roles to fill their workforce talent bench.

A standardized, blended training and development program is what they need. And why we developed the Turnkey Training program.

Tooling U-SME has done all the heavy lifting in defining competencies and writing learning plans which can be adopted as written or customized.

For instance, our CNC Operator program consists of approximately 500 hours of hybrid learning and nearly 4,000 hours of recommended practical learning to be delivered through structured on-the-job training (OJT).

Hybrid learning can consist of online hours or lecture hours, which can be delivered through your own staff, local technical school or vendor of your choice. We have mapped Tooling U-SME online classes and assessments and bundled those resources as part of the Turnkey Training package — and we have also identified the entire learning curriculum and pathway for this job role.

Competency validation is a big part of the program. We’ve outlined specific skills that are required by the job and provided a hands-on pathway to meet the standards. The standards are defined as skill standards and are measured by demonstrated qualification standards for each competency.

It’s similar to the shift in the modern apprenticeship model that focuses on a competency-based approach vs. the traditional time-based one.

By evaluating the knowledge base of employees in advance, you are providing just the training they need. It’s not one size fits all training any more. This approach accelerates the process.

We know you are under pressure to boost productivity and employee engagement — and fill the pipeline — regardless of the size of your company. Let us share what we’ve learned from our extensive time visiting and helping manufacturers around the country. Think of the approach as upskilling on steroids!

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