Opening the World of Manufacturing to Kids

Posted By: Jeannine Kunz, Chief Workforce Development Officer, SME on October 04, 2019

Opening the World of Manufacturing to Kids

Tooling U-SME has been an advocate of Manufacturing Day since the program’s inception in 2012. Over the years, we have supported academic programs and provided high schools, community colleges and universities with curriculum to prepare the next-generation workforce for successful and fulfilling careers in manufacturing. We do this because we believe in the strength of the industrial sector and the resilience of its people.

Right now, millions of men and women support the industry, producing products that we touch, feel and use every day — things that make our lives all the better. But a vast majority of these individuals are retiring and leaving the workforce, taking with them years of knowledge and insight about processes and best practices that keep the industry rolling. This exodus is a huge problem, but one we can manage if we focus on future talent: The young people who wouldn’t necessarily consider manufacturing as a lifelong career option.

That’s why campaigns like Manufacturing Day are so important. When we expose kids to the industrial world, we have a chance to open their eyes to new possibilities. We can help them realize that working in the manufacturing industry is more than just a job; employment in this field presents a myriad of professional growth opportunities. By opening the doors of manufacturing operations and hosting youth-focused events, we can engage with the younger demographic, and show them all the occupational options available, from welding to engineering to cybersecurity specialists.

All of us can open a new world of possibilities for kids by showing them that the individuals working in this field are inventive people who are the source of important ideas for making products better or in more innovative ways.

Today and throughout October, manufacturers will open the doors of their operations to show off the best of our industry. To see what’s happening near you, visit

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