You have a training program in place, but would like to benchmark it against best practices in learning and development.


TU-SME provides a program audit to benchmark an existing program against criteria and make recommendation for improvement. We’ll analyze whether your program aligns to best practices in learning and development programs, in terms of culture, risk management, control, and governance processes. This benchmark will also ensure that the development program risks are appropriately identified and managed, and comply with such requirements as policies, plans and procedures.

Tooling U-SME has developed the Common Criteria and Quality Indicators for Learning and Development Programs:

Standard 1: Policies and Procedures

Standard 2: Job Definition (Worker and Work)

Standard 3: Curriculum (Alignment and Articulation)

Standard 4: Quality of Instruction

Standard 5: Assessment and Validation

Standard 6: Training Infrastructure, Environment and Acceptance

Approximately 2 days onsite