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February 2013
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Knowledge Edge

Less time searching for answers. More time building on them.

Knowledge EdgeSM is a robust manufacturing library with digitized content to support academic objectives and achievements. It has the greatest depth of educational manufacturing content available anywhere. The delivery system compiles SME-published books, videos, and technical papers into a digitized format under one user-friendly web-based platform. Knowledge EdgeSM contains more than 1200 books and book chapters, 700 industrial training videos and clips, and 16,000 technical papers. It is the first digital resource that includes SME's nine-volume Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook series — the Manufacturing Knowledge Base — in a living, continually-updated, peer-reviewed Wiki format.

Knowledge EdgeSM is validated through subject matter expert review and can be used for curriculums to expand learning and give educators and students access to the most relevant content for today's manufacturing environment.

Take a Deeper Dive:

Tooling U–SME to Speak at ATEA


Thursday, March 21, 2013
9:30 am - 10:15 am
Nashville, TN
Speaker: Toni Neary, Tooling U-SME, Business Development - Government & Education

During the American Technical Education Association, Tooling U-SME will speak on Integrating Online Curriculums for Manufacturing Programs.

The interactive session will highlight how welding and machining programs have implemented Tooling U–SME online learning to enhance their curriculum and add value to the student experience.

Are you working on Customized Training for local industry?

Save the Date: Upcoming Free Webinar April 24th, 2013 1pm est. "Driving Revenue in the Manufacturing Sector." We will be discussing how important it is to focus on the right manufacturing clients in your region and drive the conversations that will uncover their high priority needs.

Want to create your own midterms and finals within Tooling U-SME? Contact your Educational Specialist today:

Take your online learning experience to another level. Discover all the nuances of Tooling U–SME's interactive learning management system, including additional navigation shortcuts and ways to extract reports. Both administrators and students will see first-hand all the cool ways Tooling U-SME makes the learning experience flexible and user-friendly.

Tooling U-SME Tips & Tricks

Administration Center Tip:

Did you know there is a quick and easy report for student grades? If your students and curriculum are grouped, this tool can make pulling grades a snap.

  1. Go to the Group Reports tab in the administration center.
  2. Make sure you filter by Group for the applicable students.
  3. Run the Student Grade Report (* 3rd report from the bottom in the Class Reports area) in the HTML format.IE Icon
  4. Use the Show Classes Completed drop-down menu to determine if you would like to see Classes Completed, Classes NOT Completed, or All Classes.
  5. Please note: date ranges are only applicable if you only select Show Classes Completed.
  6. Add your Filter by Program (this is your custom bundle of curriculum).

This report will show you the student name, class title, date completed, due date if applicable, final exam score (the students BEST attempt), average final exam score (the students average of all attempts at that test), and a green check for passing or an orange check for failing.

You can sort this report by any of the column headers by clicking on the column title:

Your report is now sorted by class title instead of student name:

Student Center Tip:

If you do not see all of your classes when logging into your student account, make sure you check the filtering options applied.

Expand the Options button highlighted on the screen above.

Make sure that both Class List Type and Order By are set to Default. Then, under Show, select All Classes, and under Filter by Department, select Show All Classes.

Government Education Group Micro Site

It's not a mini, just a sharper, in-depth view of Tooling U-SME from the educational vantage point. Scope out how our classes comply with various certification and industry standards, get insight into our Platinum program, and research educational funding available in our new Government Education Group micro site. These are just some of the features created to give you access, knowledge, and ease-of-use as you navigate through Tooling U-SME, your online manufacturing training partner.

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