“Don’t tell Millennials what they can’t do; tell them what they can do to thrive and be successful.”
Embracing Millennials: Closing the Skills Gap & Gaining Competitive Advantage
Embracing Millennials: Closing the Skills Gap & Gaining Competitive Advantage
This white paper provides insights into what motivates this up-and-coming generation of manufacturing workers, and how companies can work around current perceptions about this group and better build targeted training and development programs that appeal to their desire for experiences and connections. Companies that take a fresh look at their training and development approaches can ultimately elevate the performance of everyone in an organization – not just millennials – leading to loyal employees and stronger business results. Read more here.
“We’ve improved performance across the board.”
When a Tier 1 auto manufacturer was suffering from quality issues, lack of employee satisfaction, and poor perception of the company, they invested in training. Two years later, they had reduced their defect rate and increased their on-time deliveries, both by 60%. Find out how they did it here.
The Difference That Delivers Results

The Difference That Delivers Results

Your employees are your best assets. The right training is critical to success. Find out how Tooling U-SME can help.
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March 7 – 9, 2016 in Nashville, TN

Bridge the skills gap at tuXperience 2016. HEAR from top performing manufacturers. LEARN how to align your training program to maximize your bottom line. NETWORK with peers and discuss how their solutions have helped them forge a strategic path to becoming world-class. Learn more here.

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