Tooling U-SME Corporate Newsletter
 Q2 • 2018
Melissa Albrecht and Jeannine Kunz
Tooling U-SME and UL Partner on Additive Certification
Earlier this month, we finalized our partnership with global safety science company UL to collaborate on the alignment of training and certification for additive manufacturing to create a single source for professional certification. Together, we will assess the necessary steps to develop the Additive Manufacturing Technician Certification program, available later this year.
Aerospace Apprenticeship
NEW REPORT: A Vibrant Learning Culture Drives Success
As technology continues to advance and seasoned workers retire, adding skilled employees to the workforce is a national priority—but it’s not all just about training. This new report outlines the concrete benefits—like increased productivity and profitability—that result when companies focus on creating a true learning culture. Through specific steps and real-world examples, find out how to transform your employees into a high-performing workforce.  
ARM Logo
ARM Announces First-Round Funding Awardees
Last week, Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM), a member-based consortium dedicated to driving innovation in robotics technology and workforce development, awarded $2.8 million to four project teams focused on strengthening U.S. manufacturing. Among the recipients was the Robot Assistant for Composites Manufacturing team, which consists of Tooling U-SME, GE Global Research, Southwest Research Institute, IEEE GlobalSpec, Vistex, Fuzehub, and Army Benet Laboratory.  
Pequot Case Study
Building a "Smart" Workforce
Transitioning to Smart Manufacturing and embracing transformative technologies like 3D printing and precision measurement is vital for remaining competitive. However, as manufacturing becomes more data-driven, even so-called traditional processes require new skill sets. Hiring new workers is one solution, but how can you prepare your incumbent workforce to take on these new challenges?  
Train the Trainer
Filling the Workforce Pipeline in a Strong Economy
Historically low unemployment rates are making it harder than ever to find qualified workers. The answer—training—seems simple, but for many manufacturers, successful implementation isn’t so easy. Tooling U-SME partners with organizations of all sizes to address training challenges and risks to success at each step toward learning and development program maturity. We can help with everything from analyzing an organization’s appetite and culture for training, to training for a specific production difficulty, to benchmarking an existing program against best practices.
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