Tooling U-SME Corporate Newsletter
  Q1 • 2019
Cost of Turnover
NEW REPORT: The True Cost of Turnover—Hidden Costs Go Beyond Financial to Impact Productivity and Culture
Recent data shows that 43 percent of manufacturers are experiencing an average of 20 percent or higher annual turnover of employees—costing U.S. businesses dearly as they repeatedly shoulder the expense of recruiting and training new workers. In fact, the true costs are much higher, as the churn of workers creates problems like production delays and dissatisfied customers.

This new report will help you understand the cost of turnover, including hidden costs like onboarding and machine downtime, while offering concrete action steps for retaining new hires, slowing brain drain, and investing in your encumbent workforce.
WEBINAR: Growth in MFG Is Coming. Are You Prepared?
Join Denise Ball, Workforce Specialist at Tooling U-SME, tomorrow, February 6, to learn more about the state of the manufacturing industry and game changers like new technology, retirements and education partnerships. Panelists from industry and education will discuss our recent Industry Pulse Report and share their experiences addressing the urgent skills gap: Jeannine Kunz, Vice President, Tooling-U SME; Michael Freed, Manager, Manufacturing Solutions, Sinclair Community College; and Delane Sloan, Senior Manager, Human Resources, F&P America Manufacturing, Inc.  
CAM-T Now Available
The collaboration between Tooling U-SME and UL offering certification in additive manufacturing now includes the Certified Additive Manufacturing – Technician (CAM-T) level, focused on the principles and processes of additive manufacturing technology. The CAM-T covers the additive manufacturing process chain, design for additive manufacturing, material and process selection, secondary processes, and key safety considerations. The CAM-T is ideal for those with a two-year associate’s degree in additive manufacturing or who are currently enrolled in a college program and/or have one or more years of work experience in a manufacturing-related field.  
Smart Manufacturing Report
Smart Manufacturing: Building Talent to Accelerate a Generation
SME has released its third smart manufacturing report to help manufacturers compete in an industry that is shifting to integrated and flexible advanced manufacturing technology and tools. According to the report, nearly half (47 percent) of manufacturers are planning to invest in digital technology solutions in the next 24 months. 

The report focuses on the importance of a learning culture and how manufacturers are developing a “smart” workforce to drive business results. Now is the time to determine needed competencies, ramp up recruiting, and bolster training of both new hires and incumbent workers. Download your copy now.  
Community of Manufacturing
There is no single solution to the skills gap because what works for one industry or location might not work for another. Some of the best strategies involve partnerships among education, industry, government, and other institutions. A good example is Great Plains Technology Center (GPTC) in Lawton, OK, which worked with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. to replace its retiring workforce.

We were proud to partner with GPTC as they designed a company-sponsored internship program, blending our elearning and work experience. The paid internship program continues to make the partnership a pillar for community economic growth.
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