Tooling U-SME Corporate Newsletter
  Q2 • 2019
Cost of Turnover
AT A GLANCE: How Staff Turnover Truly Impacts Your Operations
Turnover is not just a financial issue. When employees leave, multiple aspects of your business suffer, including productivity and culture. Click the image to see the full infographic containing high-level results from our recent report; learn the sources of turnover and find out ways to combat the issue, such as through onboarding and upskilling.

From there, you can download "The True Cost of Turnover" report to help you understand the full cost of turnover, including hidden costs like onboarding and machine downtime.
Got Scrap?
Try Competency Modeling
Successful manufacturers know that validating employees’ skills and knowledge can improve quality, cycle time, and safety—while reducing scrap and downtime. However, if you equate completing training with achieving competency, without setting performance standards, you will struggle to see results. The antidote is Competency Modeling, a method traditionally reserved for leadership that has become an essential part of workforce learning and development. Learn more about implementing Competency Modeling in your operations.
Train-the-Trainer Program Raises the Bar on OJT
Our Learning Service team travels the country consulting with all types and sizes of manufacturers to design custom training solutions. As different as these operations might be, one challenge most have in common is the struggle to provide consistent on-the-job training (OJT). Many trainers are knowledgeable high-performers, but they lack the background in development and mentoring it takes to be truly successful. Learn how our popular Train-the-Trainer (T3) program can help prepare your staff to offer consistent, valuable OJT to new additions to your workforce.  
online training
Online Training for Effective Learning
As technology advances and methods evolve, so does our content. Every month, we add new and updated online classes to our catalog of over 500 titles. Some of our most recent additions have included updates to our Machining, Maintenance, Safety, and Quality Departments. Titles include Basic Programming for PLCs, PLC Timers and Counters, Machine Guarding, and Basics of Ladder Logic. Click to view our classes by Functional Area or Business Need or to search our online catalog.
Community of Manufacturing
THE UNIQUELY ABLED PROJECT: When a business solutions consultant, Dr. Ivan Rosenberg, began looking for ways to address the shortage of CNC machinists in his region, he recognized that his own children, two adults with autism, possessed many of the skills the position requires. By partnering with a community college using
Tooling U-SME classes, he was able to pioneer a large-scale, portable solution to give uniquely abled individuals the opportunity to succeed in a meaningful career while filling the skills gap for CNC machining. Learn more about this groundbreaking program.
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