Survey: COVID-19 Propels Manufacturers to Reshore Operations

The shift will include cross-training to help workers take on new job roles
The coronavirus is shining a bright light on challenges related to the supply chain, so it's no surprise that manufacturers are considering moving production back to the U.S. According to the SME 2020 COVID-19 Future Outlook Study, one-quarter of respondents indicated their company plans to reshore manufacturing production to the U.S. READ MORE
Additive Webinar

Additive Webinar August 27

One goal of additive manufacturing training is to provide guidance to organizations in recognizing cost-savings opportunities. To do this, engineers must begin to design with additive manufacturing in mind. Without that central shift in development, additive manufacturing would never make business sense; with that simple shift, it is possible to design out significant cost drivers. Join us August 27 at 1:00 pm EDT for Additive Manufacturing Gets Better, Faster and Cheaper with Training. Presented by The Barnes Global Advisors, including Founding Director John Barnes. SIGN UP NOW.

COVID Workplace Resources

Resources are available for businesses seeking COVID workplace prevention. Our latest safety class, "CDC Workplace Infection Safety and Prevention" provides a comprehensive overview of how to prevent person-to-person transmission among staff. Additionally, our recent webinar, Managing Manufacturing Competitiveness After a Pandemic, helps manufacturers navigate the different stages of the crisis, including managing essential business operations, navigating operational shutdowns, and restarting manufacturing with new safety protocols. Presented by experts from Purdue University.


Arconic Foundation Invests in Distance Learning for Career and Tech Ed 

Arconic Foundation has announced a $25K investment toward the SME Education Foundation’s (SMEEF) effort to ensure that distance-learning opportunities become available for thousands of career and technical education students across the country. A significant supporter of SMEEF programs, Arconic Foundation is teaming with Tooling U-SME through a unique COVID-19 campaign to provide online learning opportunities to high school students in 12 manufacturing disciplines, including additive manufacturing, mechatronics and smart manufacturing.
“We have undertaken this campaign to help thousands of high school students have access to premium-quality online career and technical education opportunities,” said Rob Luce, SMEEF vice president. “Tooling U-SME is a valuable partner and industry leader in workforce development, and we’re grateful for Arconic Foundation’s generous investment and leadership in this initiative.” READ MORE

Just-Published Online Classes, Preview of Upcoming Titles

Manufacturers wanting to upskill their workforce are facing even more challenges with social distancing requirements. Fortunately, you'll find several new online manufacturing training titles in our Learning Management System. Every quarter, we release new classes and frequent updates to existing classes, adding new features and content to keep them current and engaging. This year, we have published dozens of new titles, with about two dozen more expected by the end of December. We also have a schedule of new classes planned for release in 2021. From Additive and Industry 4.0 to Maintenance and Machining, these new titles will help you upskill and retain your workforce and keep your business competitive. PREVIEW NEW CLASSES

Quick-Start Machining Training Upskills Your Team Faster

Turnkey Training offers a quick-start, progressive road map that allows manufacturers to build career paths for their employees. Turnkey Training for Machining includes beginner- to advanced-level classes for machine operators, grinding technicians, CNC programmers, production machinists, and tool and die makers. With engaging, interactive lessons and reinforcement tasks, these self-paced online classes are intended to enhance your existing on-the-job training and help you create a job progression plan with a predefined curriculum for each job role. Unlike many other programs, Turnkey Training requires minimal preparation. It is efficient, effective training that has been developed with input from manufacturing experts. LEARN MORE
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