Quality Overview 100

This class identifies how each department and function of a company plays a role in producing quality products for the customer.

Class Details

Class Name:
Quality Overview 100
Number of Lessons:
Additional Language:
Spanish, Chinese

Class Outline

  • Objectives
  • What Is Quality?
  • Definitions of Quality
  • The Importance of Quality
  • Quality Products
  • Quality Processes
  • External Customers
  • Internal Customers
  • Quality and Engineering
  • Designing Quality Products
  • Quality and Production
  • Producing Quality Products
  • Quality and Purchasing
  • Quality and Sales
  • Quality Organizations
  • Summary


  • Describe the role of quality.
  • Identify components of quality.
  • Explain the consequences of poor quality.
  • Explain how quality becomes part of a product.
  • Explain how quality impacts processes.
  • Define the external customer’s relationship to quality.
  • Define the internal customer’s relationship to quality.
  • Explain the role of engineering in quality.
  • Identify steps leading to quality product designs.
  • Explain the role of production in quality.
  • Define the processes leading to manufacturing quality products.
  • Explain the role of purchasing in quality.
  • Explain the role of sales in quality.
  • Identify traits of an organization committed to quality.

Job Roles


  • MSSC Safety


Vocabulary Term Definition
engineering The department responsible for creating the design specifications of a product.
external customer An organization or individual that receives a product or service from the company.
inspection The testing of a part to ensure that it meets its design specifications.
internal customer A department or individual within the company that relies on others to satisfy the external customer.
processes A set of activities that uses resources to transform inputs into outputs. Essentially, a process describes the way things get done.
product The thing that a company makes or provides for a customer. Products include manufactured parts, software, and processed materials.
production The department responsible for the manufacturing or creation of a product.
purchasing The department responsible for the acquisition of parts and raw materials for production.
quality The satisfaction of customer requirements. Quality products conform to specifications, are free of defects, and meet the requirements of its anticipated use.
sales The department responsible for processing customer orders for products.