Machining best practices are specific to either the task or the device. For grinding, metal-cutting, or work holding, many tools can be used to complete the task. With devices, some techniques are universal, but machine-specific controls, such as for different types of CNC machines, vary.



Introduction to Abrasives 101 
Grinding Processes 201 
Grinding Safety 211 
Basic Grinding Theory 221 
Basics of the Surface Grinder 231 
Basics of the Cylindrical Grinder 232 
Basics of the Centerless Grinder 233 
Setup for the Surface Grinder 241 
Setup for the Cylindrical Grinder 242 
Setup for the Centerless Grinder 243 
Surface Grinder Operation 251 
Cylindrical Grinder Operation 252 
Centerless Grinder Operation 253 
Introduction to Grinding Fluids 261 
Abrasive Finishing Processes 271 
Grinding Variables 301 
Grinding Ferrous Metals 311 
Grinding Nonferrous Materials 321 
Grinding Wheel Materials 331 
Dressing and Truing 341 
Grinding Wheel Selection 351 
Grinding Wheel Geometry 361 


Introduction to CNC Machines 201 
History and Definition of CNC 202 
Basics of the CNC Lathe 211 
Basics of the CNC Mill 212 
Basics of the CNC Swiss-Type Lathe 215 
CNC Specs for the Mill 220 
Coordinates for the CNC Lathe 221 
Coordinates for the CNC Mill 222 
CNC Specs for the Lathe 225 
Basics of G Code Programming 231 
Introduction to CAD and CAM for Machining 241 
Control Panel Functions for the CNC Lathe 251 
Control Panel Functions for the CNC Mill 252 
Offsets on the CNC Lathe 261 
Offsets on the CNC Mill 262 
Creating a CNC Turning Program 301 
Creating a CNC Milling Program 302 
Calculations for Programming the Lathe 311 
Calculations for Programming the Mill 312 
Canned Cycles for the Lathe 321 
Canned Cycles for the Mill 322 
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Fundamentals 

CNC Controls: Fanuc

Fanuc Mill: Control Panel Overview 250 
Fanuc Lathe: Control Panel Overview 255 
Fanuc Mill: Entering Offsets 260 
Fanuc Lathe: Entering Offsets 265 
Fanuc Mill: Locating Program Zero 270 
Fanuc Lathe: Locating Program Zero 275 
Fanuc Mill: Program Execution 280 
Fanuc Lathe: Program Execution 285 
Fanuc Mill: Program Storage 310 
Fanuc Lathe: Program Storage 315 
Fanuc Mill: First Part Runs 320 
Fanuc Lathe: First Part Runs 325 

CNC Controls: Haas

Haas NGC: Next Generation Control Panel Overview 101 
Haas Next Generation and Classic Controls 111 
Haas NGC: Entering Mill Offsets 201 
Haas NGC: Entering Lathe Offsets 202 
Haas NGC: Locating Program Zero on the Mill 211 
Haas NGC: Locating Program Zero on the Lathe 212 
Haas Mill: Classic Control Panel Overview 250 
Haas Lathe Classic Control Panel Overview 256 
Haas Mill Classic Controls: Entering Offsets 260 
Haas Lathe Classic Controls: Entering Offsets 265 
Haas Mill Classic Controls: Locating Program Zero 270 
Haas Lathe: Locating Program Zero 275 
Haas Mill: Program Execution 280 
Haas Lathe: Program Execution 285 
Haas Mill: Program Storage 310 
Haas Lathe: Program Storage 315 
Haas Mill: First Part Runs 320 
Haas Lathe: First Part Runs 325 

CNC Controls: Mazak

Mazak Mill: Control Panel Overview 250 
Mazak Lathe: Control Panel Overview 255 
Mazak Mill: Safety for the Mill 260 
Mazak Lathe: Safety for the Lathe 265 
Mazak Mill: Locating Program Zero 270 
Mazak Lathe: Locating Program Zero 275 
Mazak Mill: Entering Offsets 280 
Mazak Lathe: Entering Offsets 285 
Creating an EIA/ISO Program for the Mazak Mill 286 
Creating an EIA/ISO Program for the Mazak Lathe 287 
Creating a Mazatrol Program for the Mill 288 
Creating a Mazatrol Program for the Lathe 289 
Mazak Mill: Program Execution 290 
Mazak Lathe: Program Execution 295 
Mazak Mill: Program Storage 310 
Mazak Lathe: Program Storage 315 
Mazak Mill: First Part Runs 320 
Mazak Lathe: First Part Runs 325 

Manual Machining

Manual Mill Basics 201 
Engine Lathe Basics 211 
Manual Mill Setup 221 
Engine Lathe Setup 231 
Benchwork and Layout Operations 241 
Manual Mill Operation 251 
Engine Lathe Operation 261 
Holemaking on the Manual Mill 271 
Threading on the Engine Lathe 301 
Taper Turning on the Engine Lathe 311 
Basic Electronics 

Metal Cutting

Intro to EDM 100 
Safety for Metal Cutting 101 
Cutting Processes 111 
Overview of Machine Tools 121 
Intro to Screw Machining 160 
Basic Cutting Theory 201 
Band Saw Operation 211 
Introduction to Metal Cutting Fluids 221 
Metal Cutting Fluid Safety 231 
Prints for Metal Cutting Operations 241 
Overview of Deburring Processes 251 
Toolholders for Turning 260 
Speed and Feed for the Lathe 301 
High-Speed Machining 310 
Speed and Feed for the Mill 311 
Hard Turning 315 
Cutting Tool Materials 321 
Machining Titanium Alloys 325 
Carbide Grade Selection 331 
ANSI Insert Selection 341 
Advanced Tool Materials 345 
Lathe Tool Geometry 351 
Mill Tool Geometry 361 
Drill Tool Geometry 371 
Optimizing Tool Life and Process 381 
Impact of Workpiece Materials 391 


NIMS Core Skills 111 
NIMS Core Machining Skills 121 
NIMS Core Milling Skills 131 
NIMS Core Turning Skills 132 
NIMS Core CNC Milling Skills 141 
NIMS Core CNC Turning Skills 142 
NIMS Core Advanced Machining Skills 151 
NIMS Core Measurement and Materials Skills 211 
NIMS Core Job Planning Skills 221 
NIMS Core Mill Programming and Setup Skills 231 
NIMS Core Lathe Programming and Setup Skills 232 
NIMS Core Drill Press Skills 241 
NIMS Core Grinding Skills 251 
NIMS Core Manual Milling Skills 261 
NIMS Core Manual Turning Skills 262 


Introduction to Workholding 101 
Supporting and Locating Principles 111 
Locating Devices 121 
Clamping Basics 131 
Chucks, Collets, and Vises 141 
Fixture Body Construction 200 
Fixture Design Basics 201 
Drill Bushing Selection 230