Mastery of essential engineering and business practices is essential to leadership in manufacturing. We cover the breadth and depth of leadership with classes on supply chains, accounting, and estimating, plus management techniques, including teambuilding and conflict resolution.


Supervisor Essentials

Essentials of Leadership 110 
Essentials of Communication 120 
Managing Performance: Best Practices 130 
Managing Performance: Corrective Actions 135 
Basics of Manufacturing Costs 140 
Intro to Managerial Accounting 145 
Conflict Resolution Principles 150 
Conflict Resolution for Different Groups 155 
Team Leadership 160 
Manufacturing Management 180 
Personal Effectiveness 190 
Managing the Diverse Workplace 210 
Harassment and Discrimination 215 
Performance Management and the Law 230 
Train-the-Trainer: Accelerating Worker Performance 
Frontline Leadership 
Frontline Leadership – Coaching and Mentoring