Stamping / Forming / Fabricating

Stamping/Forming/Fabricating runs the gamut from labor and safety-intensive press-brake and stamping operations to the intricacies of die setting. This area includes instruction on the different types of strippers, coil handling and loading, and die bending, among others.


Press Brake

Press Brake Safety 100 
Press Brake Components 110 
Bending Fundamentals 120 
Die Bending Operations 130 
Operating the Press Brake 200 
Press Brake Specifications 220 


Press Basics 110 
Stamping Safety 115 
Punch and Die Operations 120 
Die Components 130  
Coil Handling Equipment 140 
Die Cutting Variables 200 
Monitoring Press Operations 220 
Guiding System Components 230 
Stripper System Components 235 
Coil Loading Procedures 250 
Die Setting Procedures 300 
Metal Formability Certificate Program 
Metal Stamping Press Maintenance & Troubleshooting 
Stamping Die Certificate Program