Composites Processing

In Composites Processing, materials are made by combining a binding resin with small filaments of solid material. Composite objects are created by molding, injecting, spraying, and vacuum bagging, resulting in pieces as strong as metal, as light as plastic, and as rigid as ceramic.



Safety for Composite Processing 115 
Overview of Composite Processes 120 
Traditional Composites 125 
Advanced Thermoset Resins for Composites 130 
Advanced Materials for Composites 135 
Intro to Lay-up and Spray-up Molding 140 
Intro to Compression Molding 170 
Surface Finishing Composites 190 
Vacuum Bagging Technique: Single-sided Bagging 230 
Composite Inspection and Defect Prevention 240 
Repair Methods for Composites 250 
Introduction to Composites