Assembly / Final Stage Processes

Assembly is a process by which two or more objects are joined together to make a more complex piece. Performed manually or with machines, assembly uses several methods. Our classes including training in soldering; coating; bonding; and attaching with fasteners like screws, nails, or clamps.



Intro to Adhesive Bonding 110 
Basics of the Bonding Process 120 
Intro to Adhesive Properties 130 
Types of Adhesives 140 
Surface Preparation 210 
Steps for Adhesive Application 220 


Intro to Coating Composition 110 
Surface Preparation for Coatings 120 
Processes for Applying Coatings 140 
Coating Defects 150 
Troubleshooting Coating Defects 170 


Introduction to Assembly 101 
Intro to Fastener Ergonomics 130 
Properties for Fasteners 200 
Safety for Assembly 211 
Introduction to Fastener Threads 221 
Overview of Threaded Fasteners 231 
Tools for Threaded Fasteners 235 
Overview of Non-Threaded Fasteners 241 
Understanding Torque 245 
Threaded Fastener Selection 255 


What Is Soldering? 110 
Safety for Soldering 115 
Soldering Equipment 130 
Soldering Applications 200 
Solder and Flux Selection 210 
Soldering PCBs 220 
Lead-Free Soldering 230