Engineers design or improve products, processes, and production systems to provide opportunities for continuous process improvement, cost reduction, or other business reason. Engineers troubleshoot problems with designs, processes, or other issues to resolve operational issues. Engineers also provide expertise on manufacturing subject matter for their organization.


Metal Cutting

Cutting Processes 111 
Basic Cutting Theory 201 


Introduction to Mechanical Properties 111 
Introduction to Metals 121 
Introduction to Ceramics 141 
Essentials of Heat Treatment of Steel 211 

Additive Manufacturing

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing 111 
Additive Manufacturing Safety 121 
The Basic Additive Manufacturing Process 131 
Additive Manufacturing Methods and Materials 141 

Electrical Systems

DC Circuit Components 221 


Introduction to Composites 

Shop Essentials (Applied Mathematics)

Units of Measurement 112 
Algebra Fundamentals 141 
Geometry: Circles and Polygons 171 
Trigonometry: The Pythagorean Theorem 201 
Statistics 231 

Supervisor Essentials

Rapid and Accurate Cost Estimating and Quoting