Stamping Press Operator

Stamping press operators cut, shear, or punch sheet metal to product parts using a stamping press machine tool. Stamping press operators also set up the machine tool in preparation for stamping operations, including changing dies and adjusting machine components. After parts are produced, stamping press operators inspect the finished parts for defects.



Basic Measurement 101 
Calibration Fundamentals 111 
Basics of Tolerance 121 
Blueprint Reading 131 
Hole Standards and Inspection 141 
Thread Standards and Inspection 151 


Press Basics 110 
Stamping Safety 115 
Punch and Die Operations 120 
Die Components 130  
Monitoring Press Operations 220 
Metal Stamping Press Maintenance & Troubleshooting 
Stamping Die Certificate Program 


Introduction to Mechanical Properties 111 
Ferrous Metals 231 

Shop Essentials (Applied Mathematics)

Math Fundamentals 101 
Math: Fractions and Decimals 111 
Units of Measurement 112 
Geometry: Lines and Angles 151 
Geometry: Triangles 161 
Geometry: Circles and Polygons 171 
Trigonometry: Sine, Cosine, Tangent 211 


Introduction to OSHA 101 
Personal Protective Equipment 111 
Noise Reduction and Hearing Conservation 121 
Lockout/Tagout Procedures 141 
SDS and Hazard Communication 151 
Bloodborne Pathogens 161 
Walking and Working Surfaces 171 
Fire Safety and Prevention 181 
Hand and Power Tool Safety 201 
Safety for Lifting Devices 211 
Powered Industrial Truck Safety 221 


ISO 9000 Review 121 
Introduction to Lean: Overview of the Lean Toolbox 
Understanding the Tools and Best Practices of Lean Manufacturing 

Design & Engineering

Measurement Inspection and Gaging Level 1 

Supervisor Essentials

Manufacturing Technology Fundamentals