Stamping, Forming, Fabricating

Stamping/Forming/Fabricating runs the gamut from labor and safety-intensive press-brake and stamping operations to the intricacies of die setting. This area includes instruction on the different types of strippers, coil handling and loading, and die bending, among others.



Basic Measurement 101 
Calibration Fundamentals 111 


Press Basics 110 
Punch and Die Operations 120 
Die Components 130  
Laser Cutting Certificate Program 
Metal Stamping Press Maintenance & Troubleshooting 
Stamping Die Certificate Program 

Press Brake

Press Brake Components 110 


Introduction to Mechanical Properties 111 
Ferrous Metals 231 


Introduction to Welding 141 
Intro to Submerged Arc Welding 160 
Material Tests for Welding 201 
Welding Ferrous Metals 211 
Welding Nonferrous Metals 212 


Introduction to OSHA 101 
Personal Protective Equipment 111 
Noise Reduction and Hearing Conservation 121 
Lockout/Tagout Procedures 141 
SDS and Hazard Communication 151 
Walking and Working Surfaces 171 
Fire Safety and Prevention 181 
Safety for Lifting Devices 211 
Powered Industrial Truck Safety 221 


ISO 9000 Review 121 
Introduction to Lean: Overview of the Lean Toolbox 
Understanding the Tools and Best Practices of Lean Manufacturing 

Design & Engineering

Measurement Inspection and Gaging Level 1 

Supervisor Essentials

Manufacturing Technology Fundamentals