Preparing a qualified workforce is one of the most important missions of a universities’ workforce development and education division.  Tooling U-SME recognizes that tomorrow’s careers will require advanced skills, greater knowledge, and more flexibility than ever.  We are committed to provide universities with industry-driven hybrid training including:

  • Pre- and post-assessments along with industry certification preparations, including Lean Bronze, Certified Manufacturing Technician, and Additive Manufacturing
  • Education and training programs that support degrees and career pathways
  • Flexible online solutions for workforce issues to meet the needs of employers, communities, and industry
  • Comprehensive Curriculum including 200- and 300-level engineering classes that target specific manufacturing processes and technologies, along with the ability to customize programs
  • Our Apprenticeship Acceleration Framework—a competency-based approach to traditional apprenticeship models that aligns with Department of Labor (DOL) requirements

Talent and ability should face no limits. Tooling U-SME provides options for every member of the workforce.