How to Coach Your People to Think Independently

Participants will learn the alternative and highly effective new way to implement teams in their organization. Participants will learn surprising facts about why teams fail and how to jump-start a team. The instructor will discuss personal experiences in establishing teams and eventual results including cutting lead time from three days to ten hours, reducing defects by 78%, and improving productivity by 31%. Most strikingly, morale (measured by corporate surveys) improved by 210%!

Class Details

Class Name:
How to Coach Your People to Think Independently
Presidents, CEOs, plant managers, engineers, quality professionals, supervisors, front-line staff and associates
1 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Learn alternatives to traditional teambuilding
  • Develop a team that enthusiastically craves hard work
  • Design a team that's the right size
  • Teach the team to problem solve
  • Learn how to let go of decision making without losing control

Outline At-a-Glance

Step 1: Understand the Proven Path to Teams

  • Understand why traditional teambuilding never works, and what you should do instead
  • Discover the new four-step process to implement teams and why it makes so much sense
  • Learn why you should implement teams (the reasons are different than you have heard!)
  • Learn your employees crave more than weekends, vacations, benefits or paychecks, and how to tap into it to create an unstoppable desire for teamwork and achievement
  • How to reinvigorate your current teams, and get them performing at a new level
  • How to stop doing your subordinates' work, and start developing them

Step 2: Design Your Teams

  • Understand how to decide the ideal team size for your organization, and why groups that are too big will never function well as a team
  • How to design teams to create ownership and accountability
  • Learn how to measure your teams' performance and why good measures will mean less need to manage
  • Understand what work should be done by teams, and when an individual working alone is more appropriate
  • Understand the benefits of knowledge-based pay, and how to implement it in the organization

Step 3: Coach Your Team Members To Think Independently

  • Discover why coaching is the foundation of effective teams
  • Learn how to teach your people to stop coming to you with problems, and start coming to you with solid solutions
  • Understand why first-line supervisors are the key to team success, and why trying to eliminate them is a counterproductive reason to implement teams
  • Learn why it is crucial to teach your associates to think independently before expecting them to function in self-directed teams
  • How to let go of decision making without losing control
  • How to help your people overcome their fear of accepting responsibility
  • Learn when to let an associate make a mistake - and when not to
  • Understand how to create a positive atmosphere which encourages initiative and risk-taking
  • Learn how to tell the difference between problem employees who are salvageable, and those whom you must let go without delay
  • Why conflicts will be reduced by 50% by getting people to think independently

Step 4: Lead Your Team Members To Achieve Together

  • How to lead team meetings, and how to teach your team to have them without you
  • Understand why you should avoid assigning functional roles for team members, and what to do instead
  • Discover the surprising reason why teams do not need leaders, and why team leaders destroy teamwork
  • Understand how coaches should lead teams, and how many teams a coach can handle
  • Learn how to lead your team to enthusiastically accept greater responsibilities
  • Learn the four-step process of team maturation, and how to help your team survive it
  • Discover how to teach your team members the XYZ task tracking technique to ensure that they will meet their commitments to you and each other
  • How to lead teams to help other teams, without jealousy or turf wars
  • Discover how to inspire your team to develop breakthrough ideas and reach impossible goals
  • How to build loyalty in your team
  • Learn the #1 complaint of team members about their coach, and how to avoid it

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