Industrial Engineering Fundamentals

This course teaches participants how to apply work measurement analysis tools, how to efficiently plan and lay out a manufacturing operation, and how to improve manufacturing processes through method engineering principles. The continually changing role of the industrial engineer will be explored. Participants will learn how to use new engineering tools to improve productivity and efficiency.

Class Details

Class Name:
Industrial Engineering Fundamentals
All manufacturing disciplines, including manufacturing engineers, industrial engineers, packaging engineers, plant managers, mechanical engineers, ergonomic and simulation specialists.
3 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to standardize and simplify manufacturing processes and methods
  • Explore the following as they relate to industrial engineering: methods engineering, work measurement, facilities planning and design, flexible/continuous flow manufacturing, material handling, plant layout, process improvement
  • Incorporate product quality and productivity improvement considerations into these work methods
  • Provide cost justification for new methods and equipment
  • Document and communicate process plans to the manufacturing floor
  • Learn to chart manufacturing operations or processes
  • Examine the role and importance of work standards and learn how to establish accurate performance ratings and time studies, apply standard data systems
  • Plan and design efficient manufacturing operations

Outline At-a-Glance

Methods Engineering

  • Process/operation charting techniques
  • Standardize/simplify/eliminate
  • Work design for quality
  • Documentation/communication of process plans
  • Productivity improvement
  • Machine/process selection
  • Cost justification

Work Measurement

  • Need/use of production standards
  • Performance ratings
  • Calculation of standard times
  • Standard data systems
  • Examples using M.O.S.T.
  • Class exercise
  • Work sampling
  • Role/maintenance of incentive systems

Facilities Planning and Design

  • Capacity planning techniques
  • Defining the performance objectives
  • Material flow concepts
  • Types of layouts
  • Process layout techniques
  • Relationship diagrams and charts
  • Product/assembly line balancing
  • Evaluating your layout
  • “Selling” your layout
  • Implementation tips and pitfalls

Cellular/Continuous Flow Manufacturing

  • Designing manufacturing workcells
  • Workcell simulation
  • Computer and software tools
  • Just-in-time considerations

Material Handling

  • Twenty principles of material handling
  • Selecting material handling methods
  • Simplifying/eliminating material handling
  • Simple analysis techniques

Class Workshop on Work Cell Design Process Improvement

  • Problem identification
  • Process capability studies
  • Statistical process control techniques
  • Simple design of experiment (DOE) techniques
  • When to automate

The Industrial Engineering Function and How It Relates to Other Manufacturing Areas

  • Production control scheduling and inventory control
  • Manufacturing performance measurement and evaluation
  • Production/cost accounting

Job Roles