Pricing for Profitability

Pricing professionals have long debated the importance of understanding value versus cost. This seminar will show you why BOTH are important and why choosing only a single pricing tool will leave a company exposed to frequent pricing mistakes.

Companies typically make their pricing mistakes on four types of products. This seminar will acquaint you with a variety of pricing skills that will help make your company the "smart" competitor in any pricing situation.

Class Details

Class Name:
Pricing for Profitability
We designed this seminar for finance, marketing and engineering managers to attend together, intellectually challenging each group while ensuring that all parties have a thorough understanding. Some participants may also want to attend "Know Your Cost".
1 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Explore 5 key best pricing practices
  • Understand how to price products that are not "average"
  • Learn how to significantly reduce "fudge factors"
  • Understand how to significantly increase profitability

Outline At-a-Glance

  • Know why strategy development comes first
  • Understand why choosing a single pricing technique can mean disaster
  • Understand your customer value proposition
  • Understand why companies mess up pricing products that are not "average"
  • Create a competitive advantage through superior product cost knowledge
  • Avoid being the "dumb" competitor
  • Understand pricing ethics and law
  • Develop effective quoting models
  • Know why the company with the best cost information wins

Cases and Group Discussion

  • This seminar includes cases for group discussion.

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