Advanced Project Management

This intensive course goes beyond the basics of project management to deal with real-world problems resulting from changes during a project’s life cycle. During these three days, you will work through the process of bringing a real-world project to completion with minimal negative impact on overall performance, budget, and schedule objectives.

This seminar is based on M. J. Termini's latest book, From Concept to Customer: Portfolio, Pipeline and Strategic Project Management, and is taught as a hands-on case study for the attendees. After a brief review of the basic project management tools and techniques, the attendees will work together to address and resolve actual project management obstacles. Each project team's success will depend upon how well they work together as a project team to manage each problem presented to them by the instructor. They will be in competition with other project teams to develop, sell, and implement their project plan in the shortest time possible, while controlling all downside risks and costs.

Class Details

Class Name:
Advanced Project Management
  • Experienced project managers who want to broaden their skills or refresh their knowledge base
  • Project managers who want to learn the world-class techniques used by leading corporations
  • New project managers who have already acquired the foundation skills in project management
  • Upwardly mobile professionals who see project management assignments in their future or who have an interest in learning project management skills for job advancement
3 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Learn methods to manage people, budgets, schedules, and customers
  • Hands-on training in the application of those techniques to test your skills in a "real-world" project environment
  • Ability to deal with a variety of changes will be tested...changes driven by financial and technological constraints, internal politics, problems with team dynamics, and many other issues
  • Learn to deal with people in a project management to motivate people who do not work for you, may not share your ideas, may not agree with your approach, or who simply may not care about the project or its desired goals
  • Learn to be both an effective project manager, as well as a project team member

Outline At-a-Glance

Day One

  • Review of the Essential Project Management Skills
  • Review of Project Planning and Control Tools

Day Two

  • Case Study Overview
  • Task One: From the case study documentation, the project team will develop a baseline project plan with a complete set of project milestones.

Day Three

  • Task Two: Project teams will be asked to respond to a series of potential or real problems that have arisen which could negatively impact the project schedule and budget.
  • Task Three: For their final assignment, the project teams will be asked to develop a set of project management guidelines to be used as a training tool for future project management teams in their own organizations.

Job Roles