Repair of Advanced Composite Structures

This course covers the basic requirements for assessing damage and repairing advanced composite structures. It is designed for the student that has some experience with composites materials or has attended the "Introduction to Composites" course as a prerequisite. This course examines different materials, methods, and techniques employed in damage assessment, removal and permanent reconstruction of damaged composite structures.

Class Details

Class Name:
Repair of Advanced Composite Structures
Composite repair technicians, engineers, quality assurance inspectors, and anyone else that may be interested in advanced composite repairs.
1 Day Course

Learning Objectives

To provide the student with a fundamental understanding of damage assessment, damage removal, and common repair processes utilized in the repair of advanced composite structures.

Outline At-a-Glance

  • Types of damage and other defects: understanding the terminology
  • Damage assessment/determination of extent of damage
  • Damage/defect removal
  • Dealing with contamination in the structure
  • Drying moisture contaminated structures
  • Types of repairs: comparison of tapered-scarf vs. stepped vs. doubler repairs
  • Paint or gel-coat removal requirements and concerns
  • Identification of unknown structures: material form recognition, determining ply count and ply orientation, and establishing an adequate repair scheme
  • Composite material replacement and orientation requirements
  • Repair materials and methods: wet-layup, prepreg, and bonded or bolted doubler repairs
  • Replacing lightning strike materials in repairs
  • Using hot-bond equipment: understanding different heating methods and techniques

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