Coil Slitting & Leveling Certificate Program

This certificate program will provide a comprehensive overview of the coil slitting and leveling process with an in-depth look at techniques and practices that are sure to enhance your coil processing operations. You will see several operational features that, if included on your lines, could dramatically improve product quality and productivity.

Class Details

Class Name:
Coil Slitting & Leveling Certificate Program
Leveling operators, plant engineers, plant managers, quality control personnel, slitter maintenance personnel, slitter owners, slitting line operators, slitting line setup personnel, slitting production managers
3 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • What is Coil Slitting?
  • Quality Considerations
  • Defining Gauge Ranges
  • Types of Coil Slitting
  • Line Productivity
  • Dealing with Shape Problems
  • Slitter Tooling
  • Packing the Arbors
  • Know your Slitter
  • Understanding Set-Ups
  • Edge Trim Disposal
  • Edge Trim Considerations
  • Strip Separators
  • The Recoiling Process
  • Mechanical Metallurgy
  • Chemical vs. Physical Specs
  • The Stress/Strain Curve
  • Trapped Stresses and Memory
  • Bending with & without Tension
  • Rolling Mill vs. Flattener vs. Roller Leveler vs. Tension Leveler
  • Strip Shape Control
  • Sources of Shape Problems
  • Stress/Strain Diagrams
  • Bending Strip Over a Roll
  • Capacity Limits
  • Three Kinds of Shape Defects
  • Shape Compensation
  • Other Types of Leveling
  • Trapped Stresses & Memory
  • Camber
  • Surface Defects
  • Where to do Shape Control
  • Measuring Flatness

Outline At-a-Glance

Job Roles