Laser Cutting Certificate Program

This program builds on fundamental knowledge of CNC operations and part design for CO2 laser cutting. Attendees will apply this information in a uniquely designed interactive and hands-on demonstration optimizing the operation of a CNC laser cutting machine. Safety and ISO standards are included in this program, and each attendee will learn how to work in compliance with the parameters of CNC laser cutting machines.

Class Details

Class Name:
Laser Cutting Certificate Program
Laser operators, laser technicians, laser OEMs, laser integrators, product designers, and manufacturing engineers.
3 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the effects industrial lasers have on the eye and skin.
  • Becoming familiar with control measures used to prevent hazardous laser exposure.
  • Awareness of laser safety standards and regulations.
  • Knowing the importance and role of the Laser Safety Officer.
  • Blueprint reading
  • Geometry of parts (three dimensional thinking, optimizing part layout)
  • Laser to material interaction (laser friendly materials and impact of surface conditions on downtime)
  • Process gas requirements and selection (gas delivery systems and gas dynamics-critical
  • Systems applications (on blanks)
  • Nozzle adjustments and cutting speed (types, gas flow, alignment, geometry, height, standoff and venture effect)
  • Laser Machine set up
  • Laser nozzle adjustment
  • Approach Reference Point
  • Manual Traverse Exercises
  • Position tool (nozzle)
  • Set Zero point
  • Understanding why maintenance is critical
  • Preventive maintenance and consumables
  • Layout of a part process cutting sequence sigma nest
  • Test Abilities of a Part Process

Outline At-a-Glance

Job Roles