Metal Formability Certificate Program

This program provides a basic overview of the metal formability process with an in-depth look at techniques and practices that are sure to enhance your operations.

Class Details

Class Name:
Metal Formability Certificate Program
Tool and die makers and designers, die engineers, sheet metal product designers, sheet metal product release engineers, operators, managers, purchasing, stamping manufacturers, plant managers, and anyone who is a practitioner of formability measurements for formability improvement.
3 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the differences between feasibility, manufacturability, and capability
  • Read and interpret Formability plots from FEA applications
  • Read and interpret Forming Limit Diagrams
  • Effectively record and report on stamping formability
  • Determine potential corrective actions to address formability issues
  • Apply a formability analysis systems that addresses product design through tooling launch 

Outline At-a-Glance

  • Identify Critical Process Outputs
  • Identify Critical Process Inputs
  • Define Measurement Strategies and tracking methods
  • Formability Measurement
  • Define and perform Strain Analysis
  • Identify FLD (forming limit diagram)
  • Define Thinning Strain Analysis
  • Formability Analysis
  • Identify Common Tools
  • Plan for Product Feasibility
  • Plan for Manufacturing Feasibility
  • Plan for Die Verification
  • Failures, Variability and Corrective Actions
  • Formability System Process Control

Job Roles