Overview of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Technologies

Additive manufacturing, or commonly referred to as 3D Printing, is a manufacturing process that supports all aspects of the product development cycle; from prototype to end-use production parts. It reduces your time to market, improves product quality, enhances collaboration and streamlines parts integration. In this multi-level program, you will learn about the current technologies, how they work, and how best to use them to improve your operations.

Class Details

Class Name:
Overview of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Technologies
  • Engineers: Mechanical, Tooling, Quality, Materials, and Process
  • New Product Designers
  • VP of Design and Engineering
  • Management roles
2 Day Course

Learning Objectives

During this program, participants will learn how to:

  • Identify current additive manufacturing technologies and primary applications
  • Identify additive manufacturing processes and available material choices
  • Describe the landscape of the industry and the business and economics of adopting these technologies

Outline At-a-Glance

Additive Manufacturing Overview

  • Definition of additive manufacturing (AM) per ASTM International?
  • Benefits of AM compared to other technologies
  • General build/flow process in additive manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Processes

  • What are Additive Manufacturing processes and why use them?
    • Binder jetting
    • Directed energy deposition
    • Material jetting
    • Material extrusion
    • Powder bed fusion
    • Sheet lamination
    • Vat photopolymerization
  • Key systems & features from OEMs (3D Systems, Stratasys, EOS, etc.)
  • Additive manufacturing terminology – DMLS, FDM, SLA, etc
  • Additive manufacturing materials – plaster, plastics, sand, metals, etc.
  • Introduction to secondary processes using additive manufacturing
  • Processes and technologies enhanced through Additive Manufacturing technologies

Additive manufacturing Inputs

  • Introduction to 3D Imaging, reverse engineering & inspections
  • Additive manufacturing file (AMF) file format
  • What to expect from CAD files
  • Potential problems with bad files
  • Software to fix and adjust bad files
  • Outputting STL files

Design for Additive Manufacturing

  • Freedom-of-design using additive manufacturing
  • Design for additive manufacturing
  • Select which process or technology to use
  • Complexity is "free"

Business and Economics of AM

  • Economics of outsourcing vs in-house
  • ROI of selected systems
  • Economics of concept modelers and large frame AM systems
  • Additional Resources and Information
  • Order parts effectively
  • Purchase equipment, materials and services
  • Utilization of standards for qualification

Job Roles