Value Stream Mapping: Diagram the Information and Material Flows in Your Business

A hands-on course that teaches students how to document and quantify material and information flow within their organizations. In today's global market, time is very important. The Value Stream Mapping techniques help everyone in the organization understand lead time. Lead time encompasses the total amount of time needed to convert raw material into a final product. Most organizations cannot separate the "total time" into manageable pieces. This class will guide the participant through the process used to capture and document the current material and information flows for a given process. Value Stream Mapping techniques allow a team of problem solvers to come together and SEE the door to door process exactly the same. Each participant will visit the Gemba (shop floor) and walk the door to door process. A standard set of icons will be taught and used during this session. A comprehensive case study is used to allow students to practice drawing value stream maps using the standard set of symbols and icons. Upon completion of the value stream maps, the participant will learn to look for strategic areas that could be improved. Each improvement idea will be analyzed for the impact to the lead time. After improvement ideas are identified, each participant will generate a future state map.

Class Details

Class Name:
Value Stream Mapping: Diagram the Information and Material Flows in Your Business
This introductory course is intended for individuals who already have a basic understanding of continuous improvement and are seeking a proven way to identify, document and communicate improvement opportunities within their organizations. It is especially relevant for managers or improvement team leaders who would like to learn a simple, powerful way to "see" and analyze material and information flow in order to help the organization envision and plan for changes to the current condition.
2 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Define value stream and how it relates to material and information flow.
  • Show areas for improvement from the map.
  • Draw a value stream map using a standard set of symbols.
  • Develop current, ideal and future condition value stream maps.
  • Create an value stream improvement plan.

Outline At-a-Glance

  • Walk the Gemba (shop floor) as a team and document the process.
  • Learn standard icons and symbols used to define key process characteristics.
  • Learn how to define lead time.
  • Learn how to impact lead time.
  • Study: developing current, ideal and future condition maps.
  • Key points to consider when developing ideal and future condition maps.