AC Motor Controls and Relay Ladder Logic

This course covers the fundamentals of electrical power and theory. The course begins with a review of safety and safe operation in the electrical industry. Students will review the different types and uses of induction motors, windings types, motor starters and circuits, motor protection, ladder logic symbols, and diagrams.

Class Details

Class Name:
AC Motor Controls and Relay Ladder Logic
4 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Define safety and safe operation standards
  • Name types of induction motor windings and typical uses
  • Compare single winding, single phase, split phase
  • Explain three phase induction motors
  • Examine reversing motors
  • Indentify motor starters and starter circuits
  • Define motor protection
  • Overload relays, operation, and sizing
  • Indentify motor enclosures
  • Read ladder logic
  • Compare symbols and abbreviations
  • Define logic statements
  • Practice diagram generation

Outline At-a-Glance

Safety Guideline

  • PPE
  • General electrical safety
  • Lock out/Tag out

Induction Motors

  • Motor terminology and definitions
  • Name plate information
  • Types of windings and how they function
  • Types of single phase motors and their uses
  • Types of 3 phase motors and their uses

Motor Starters

  • Types of motor starters
  • Sizing motor starters
  • Motor starter circuits
  • Reversing rotation of motors

Motor Protection

  • Types of motor protection
  • Placement of motor protection in the start circuit
  • Sizing overload protection
  • Motor control enclosures and selection

Ladder Logic

  • Symbol recognition
  • Using ladder logic
  • Developing sound ladder logic
  • Troubleshooting motors and motor control logic

Job Roles