Variable Frequency Drives

This course covers the fundamentals of VFD's, electrical safety, AC to DC conversion and PWM for motor controls, the types of motors and how they are affected by VFD's. Students will troubleshoot a VFD hands-on trainer using parameters, programming, fault recognition, and fault codes.

Class Details

Class Name:
Variable Frequency Drives
3 Day Course

Learning Objectives

  • Describe AC induction motors
  • Evaluate inverter duty vs. standard duty motors
  • Identify basic setup parameters
  • Examine operating requirements
  • Define safety precautions
  • Analyze fault codes
  • Discuss common causes of failure
  • Troubleshoot drives
  • Troubleshoot motors

Outline At-a-Glance

Safety Guidelines

  • PPE
  • Review General electrical safety
  • Lock out/Tag out

Variable Frequency Drives

  • Review AC induction motors
  • Inverter duty and standard duty motors
  • Power requirements
  • Converter section
  • DC bus section
  • Inverter section
  • PWM speed control
  • Basic setup parameters
  • Operating requirements
  • Electical safety precautions
  • Fault codes
  • Common failures
  • Troubleshooting drives
  • Troubleshooting motors

Job Roles